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  Practical English Learning Programme(PELP)

Course Description:

Designed by international experts, the Practical English Learning Programme is a unique short term course that focuses on oral, written and communication skills, in an English speaking classroom environment. PELP uses an internationally successful method of teaching English. Modern tools and exercises help students think and speak in English.

Salient Features: 

Oral Communication Skills:
  1. Conversations with the instructor and class-mates
  2. Group discussions
  3. Recording speech and learning from it
  4. Mock interview sessions
Reading and Comprehension:

Wide variety of reading materials
  1. Informative articles
  2. Folk tales from all over the world
  3. Real life stories
  4. Essays

Support to enhance
  1. Biodata writing
  2. Personal and official letter writing
  3. Creative writing
Specially Designed Study Materials
  1. Innovative workbooks
  2. Games and Activities
  3. Audio tapes/CDs
  4. Multi-media kits
Course Benefits:

On completion, students will be able to:
  • Speak confidently through interesting group discussions, speech recording and conversations with Instructors, classmates and friendsfriendsfriendsfriends.friends.
  •  
  • Enjoy reading in English - real life stories, interesting articles and essays
  • Write effortlessly in English for personal bio data, official letters and forms and creative compositions.compositions.compositions.
  •  
  • Sharpen communication skills and increases confidence level.
  •  
  • Join any institution to teach spoken English
  • Join Call Centers, BPO.
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