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Course Description:

The Personality development course aims to create personality awareness and walks you through several aspects of personality development. This course is interactive and covers all aspects of growth for self and at the work place. This course will equip the students with the skills to face group discussions and interviews effectively and will help the students to attain professional excellence. 

It covers the topics which will help learners to understand the purpose and importance of a good CV and cover letter, the purpose and mechanics of a group discussion. The Course will facilitate a process for the students to engage in self-examination, understand his/her own personality and basic requirements for developing it. 

Course Components:

The Personality Development course is a guide, not a prescription. There are various interesting tools used to make this course more participative and interactive. These participative activities are in the form of games such as Counting Squares, Thinking out of the Box and others; there are personality tests designed by experts that help the learner have a better understanding of themselves than they do at present and presentations on various motivational topics.

Course Benefits:
  • This course helps an individual to understand what personality is and to learn about the factors and traits which help in shaping personality.
  • It grooms individuals to bring out the best in their personalities thus paving the way for their success.
  • It aims to help the learners recognize that they have the power to be what they wish to be and comprehend the attributes and qualities required to become a positive personality.
  • This course will help candidates to:
    • prepare for an interview
    • participate confidently in a group discussion.
    • build the learners self confidence.
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