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Course Description:

Tarahaat’s IELTS preparatory courses are the most practical tools available for the students to get a reasonably high band score in the IELTS Examination with a special focus on familiarizing them with the test format itself. The course equips the candidates with effective skills in reading, speaking, writing and listening to fulfill the above objectives. The syllabus is designed for an intensive preparation course. The courses have many full length tests and sections tests to give ample practice to the students along with close monitoring and mentoring by the Instructors.

Salient Features:
  • Only trained and certified instructors deliver the courses
  • Unique Interactive method of delivery and detailed explanations from the Instructors
  • Tests are introduced gradually, step-by-step; starting with Section tests and slowly building up to Full Length tests
  • Practice tests in all IELTS modules along with audio clips and their transcripts
  • Practice tests are conducted under almost real exam conditions
  • Up to date with the latest IELTS standards
  • Invaluable tips and techniques to crack the IELTS Exam
  • Weekly Review of the students progress and easy to follow strategies suggested
  • Tips and Suggestions from the IELTS Team at HO
Course Components and Duration:

FT 1 – Activities, 4 Section Tests, 8 Full Length Tests – 1 month
FT 2 – Activities, 16 Section Tests, 10 Full Length Tests – 2 months
FT 3 – Activities, 16 Section Tests, 12 Full Length Tests – 3 months

Course benefits:
  • Trains the candidates to crack the IELTS Exam
  • Recognized by more than 800 institutions across the world
  • IELTS opens doors to International education , Employment & Professional recognition for thousands of candidate each year
  • IELTS improves the English Language ability of the person
  • IELTS is one of the fastest growing English language tests in the world
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