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  Networking Essentials

Course Description:

Networking Essentials is a course which introduces the students to the concepts of Networking. They will learn about different types of protocols and topologies, how to secure their computer using passwords and how to specify IP addresses in different types of Windows operating systems. Networking Essentials gives the student an opportunity to recognise and learn about various networks and the steps required to set up a small network.

Course Components: 

  • Introduction to Network, Network Cabling and Network Topologies
  • OSI Model 
  • Transmission Protocols
  • Networking Hardware
  • Installation and Security

Duration: 3 Weeks 

Job Prospects:
  • Massive demand for Computer Network professionals in MNCs
  • Setup their own cybercafé
  • Upgrade their skills in networking for better job prospects
  • Acquire networking knowledge in addition to hardware skills
  • Almost all organizations like Banks, Insurance companies, Railways are now using a network. There is a demand for Network professionals in these companies.
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