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  Master Computer hardware


Course Description:

This course will introduce the learner to system components (both internal and peripheral), teach the learner to assemble the computer, partition their disk, and install the operating system, device drivers, printers and application software. This course will also teach how to upgrade the computer, and give tips on computer maintenance and upkeep.

Course Components:
  • Introduction to the System Components 
  • Understanding Ports, BIOS and Registry 
  • Assembling the Computer
  • Partitioning the Hard Disk
  • Installing an Operating System, Device Drivers and Application Software 
  • Working with Printers
  • Upgrading and maintaining the PC
Duration:  2 Months

Job Prospects: 
  • Massive demand for Hardware individuals in MNCs
  • Careers in the computer hardware industry.
  • Can setup their own Hardware Shop
  • Setup their own cybercafé
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