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  Child Death

Care of a child in the first few years is very important. Child death is prevalent in developing countries.

There are several reasons behind it:

First seven days:

    Underweight at birth, difficult delivery, breathing problem, premature delivery.

Within one month:

   Apart from the reasons given above, death can be due to loose-motions, pneumonia, measles or whooping cough.

From 1st month to 12th month:

    Malnutrition, pneumonia, fever, whooping cough, loose-motion

From one year to five years:

   Malnutrition, measles, loose-motions, pneumonia.


For the prevention of the conditions mentioned earlier, the following measures are very important:
  1. Precautionary measures for premature and underweight birth.
  2. Breast-feeding.
  3. Complete course of vaccinations at right times.
  4. Monitoring the child's growth.
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