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  Cuts, Scrapes And Small Wounds
Cleanliness is of prime importance in preventing infection and helping wounds heal.

   To treat a wound:
  • Wash your hands thoroughly, using soap and water, or antiseptic solution.
  • Wash the area around the wound using clean water.
  • Wash the wound well. It is necessary to clean out all the dirt, as any dirt left in the wound can cause infection. A clean wound will heal quickly.
  • After the wound has been cleaned, bandage the wound with a piece of clean cloth or gauze so that air can get to the wound and help it heal. Change the cloth or gauze daily, and check for any signs of infection.
  • Never put animal or human faeces, or mud on a wound. These can cause dangerous infections like tetanus.
  • Never put alcohol or tincture of iodine directly into a wound. This will damage the flesh and slow healing.
    In case the scrape or cut has been caused by rusted metal, like a rusty nail, it is essential that a tetanus injection be given. This is available at your primary health centre.
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