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Teething is quite a long process, as kids need almost three years to have a full range of teeth.

The first tooth that usually starts to pop out is the lower central incisor, as early as when the kid is only three months old. The last teeth to show themselves are usually the second molars, normally around the age of 2.

    Although teething does not cause any illness, the kid might have a fair amount of pain, particularly with molars, as they are big and blunt. Massage the gums gently to relive the pain. You can also give the kid something cold to chew.

    Parents should take care of their kid's teeth from an early age. There is no need to use a toothbrush in the first year. Clean them with a piece of gauze once a day, preferably at bedtime. Start using a toothbrush from around the 18th month. Use suitable toothpaste. You can consult a doctor for the kind of toothbrush and paste to be used.
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