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When the voter is faced with a number of candidates he has to make a choice...

  • When the voter is faced with a number of candidates he has to make a choice. It is the time of trial of his wisdom, patriotism and feeling of selflessness. After due consideration he should vote for a person who can serve the cause of the people with greater devotion. The voter should know the qualities of the candidates and the record of his social work.
  • Most of the candidates belong to some political party or the other. Therefore, apart from personal ability, honesty and the record of social work of the candidate, the voter should have clear understanding of the aims and programmes of the party. Aims and programme of the parties are usually given in the manifestoes of the parties issued at the time of election. A citizen should vote for candidates of only those political parties who serves the interests of all the people of the country.
  • Voting under the influence of caste, religion or region weakens democracy. This strikes at the root of national unity and pollutes social atmosphere. Sometimes in the name of language or of caste candidates try to mislead the voters. Occasionally they succeed and with the election. After that they serve their own interest rather than the interest of the society as a whole.
  • In order to obtain votes, some candidates might offer different kinds of temptations to the voters. They might offer vehicles to transport the voters to polling booth or provide them with food, movies or wine. Voter should not be carried away by these temptations.
Keeping all these things in mind, one should always be vigilant and defend democracy
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