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   Success Story 

 Story of Seetho

Seetho is a single lady in her late twenties. She was completely illiterate and has polio. She cannot use her legs. She cannot stand. She can move herself about slowly using her hands. She had a wheelchair but it broke a few years ago. That, plus her lack of self-confidence, caused her to shut herself away and remain in her house for year after year. Then, she heard about the TARA Akshar course in her village of Bhatti Mines. She requested her sister-in-law to take her, by “piggy-back” to the Community Hall where she enrolled for the course. She became our best student. She always arrived on time (on her sister-in-law’s back). She always smiled. She learned quicker than everyone else. She was an inspiration to the instructors, let alone the students. Now she can read. She comes regularly to our Reading Club for TARA Akshar graduates. But now she arrives unaided in her new wheelchair!


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