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In a general sense, when only few enterprises are run by the farmer, in which he has acquired special knowledge, it is known as specialised farming. Specifically, specialised farming refers to only one kind of farm business such as raising food crops or rearing sheep or raising dairy cattle. Raising two to three crops makes it specialized. The motive behind specialied farming is profit.


Advantages of Specialised farming:

Marketing advantages:

Specialised farming always takes place on a larger scale, giving rise to bulk production. This leads to better marketing and convenient buying and selling of agricultural produce.

Efficiency advantages:

Specialisation leads to formation of skills that make work less bothersome, improve seeds and spare drudgery to the farmer. It leads to optimum utilization of farm resources and strengthens the standard of efficiency.

Capital advantages:

Specialised farming can be started with a smaller amount of capital, a smaller amount of fixed charges and a smaller amount of equipment.

Other advantages:

Smaller requirement of labour, smaller requirement of land as well. The management of the farm can be more efficient and leakages can be kept at a minimum.

Disadvantages of Specialised farming:

Market uncertainties:

Greater dependence on the market. If the market fails to clear the volume of production, the farmer may suffer heavy losses.

International relations:

At times, international trade suffers a setback and makes trading across the national frontiers more difficult.

Uncertain crop conditions and irregular investment flow:

If a crop fails, it is a big set back to the farmer as he has nothing to fall back upon.

Other disadvantages:

Specialised farming may not be conducive to the maintenance of soil fertility. Limited use of labour and machinery leaves resources underutilized. There is a considerable dependence on the market for a large number of his requirements.

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