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1. Soil Erosion
  The wearing away, detachment and transportation of soil from one place to another place and its deposition by moving water, blowing wind or other causes is called soil erosion.

2. Texture and other soil properties and plant growth
  Many of the important soil properties are related to texture. Clayey soils show high water holding capacity, high plasticity, and stickiness and swelling whereas sandy soils are conspicuous by the absence of these properties. The most important way in which soil texture affects plant growth is water and with it the nutrient supply. The available water holding capacity of soil is related to soil texture.

3. Biological properties of soil
  A variety of organisms inhabit the soil. They decompose organic matter, fix atmospheric nitrogen, cause de-nitrification and plant disease.

4. Physical properties of soil
  Some important physical properties of soil related to the growing of crops include 


5. About Soil
  Soil is one of the most important national resources of any country. 

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