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(For Punjab farmers only) Under this scheme, a loan of Rs.1,01,100 is advanced for growing gladiolus on one acre of land. The loan is recoverable in five years with one year as grace period.


In1993-94, around 5.50 lakh bulbs of gladiolus were procured from Sikkim/Kalimpong and supplied to the farmers in Punjab on no-profit-no-loss basis. During 1994-95, 8.50 lakh gladiolus bulbs of the latest varieties were imported from Holland and supplied to farmers. Punjab Agro provided a fillip to the floriculture activity in the state by supplying around 30 lakh gladiolus bulbs to the farmers. To propagate new gladiolus varieties/fruits for trials and also to give proper training and demonstration to the prospective farmers, a floriculture centre is being set up at village Majra with financial assistance from the Union Government.

Punjab Agro Industries Corporation (PAIC) has set up a floriculture project in joint sector near Lalru under the name of M/s Punjab Blossoms Limited, with a capital outlay of Rs. 303 lakh. Another floriculture project has come up in public sector, named Toubro Industries Limited near Dappar in District Patiala.

Punjab offers tremendous prospects for floriculture and entrepreneurs desirous of taking up this activity may get in touch with

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