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(For Punjab farmers only) Area development scheme has been started for the growth of Aamla and at present, has been approved for the districts of Hoshiarpur, Ropar and Nawanshah, a part of Doaba belt


Under this scheme, the cultivation of Aamla in one hectare will cost Rs. 89,100/- (excluding the cost of land). With the drip system, the banks loan will be Rs. 75,735/- per hectare, and Rs. 52445/- per hectare without the drip system. There will be a margin of 15%. The period for the repayment of the loan is 11 years, in annual installments. There will be a grace period of five years.

To find the nearest Primary Agriculture Development Bank (PADB) branch from your village/town, and read more about loan mechanism, kindly go to the 'PADB Loans' section in Schemes Channel


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