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  Fertilizers used for organic farming:


Fertilizers used for organic farming.


  • The major sources of organic plant nutrients in India are farmyard manure, rural and urban compost, sewage sludge, press mud, green manures, crop residues, forest litter, industrial waste and by-products.
  • The number of bio-fertilizers such as blue green algae (BGA) and azolla are used extensively to meet the nitrogen demand of the crop. Small quantities of powdered neem cake are also used. These organic nitrogen supplements unlike the fertilizer nitrogen do not suffer any loss in the fields.


  • Phosphorous-solubilising and mobilising organisms such as phosphobacterium and vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae (VAM) are quite helpful in meeting the phosphorus demand of the crop. Potassium for the crops can be supplied by using potassium rich organic amendments such as burnt rice, rice straw composted using tricoderna harzianum and composted coconut coir pith
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