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Nursery is an area where plants are raised for eventual planting out.

Selection of site

  • Should be situated as centrally as possible with reference to the area to be planted
  • Should be close to the place where labour can come and do work, as and when required
  • Should be located close to water supply point
  • Soil should be well-drained, sandy loam
  • There should not be much of shade in that area. Some shade from the south is, however, preferable

Area of nursery

Area is calculated on the basis of plants to be raised, age of seedlings or transplants at the time of planting, number of trans-plantings required, area of transplantation and spacing in transplantation. The area calculated on the basis of these conditions should be increased by 50 per cent to allow space for paths, irrigation channels, etc.


As soon as the area of nursery has been decided and site selected, the plot should be fenced to make it cattle proof, a line of small trees or shrubs (3-4 m high), e.g. Babul, Cactus, Jungle jalebi may be raised.


Nursery should be divided into rectangular blocks by permanent paths, about 1.8 m wide. Paths 0.9 m wide, further divide these blocks into smaller blocks. These are further subdivided into rectangular nursery beds by paths 0.5 m wide.

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