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  Weeding, Shading and Irrigation:


Quantity of seed Time of sowing Covering the seeds and the seed beds

Quantity of seed

In practice, twice the quantity of seed should be used for drill sowings and six times for broadcast sowing.

Time of sowing:

Sowing of seeds in the nursery should be done in the monsoon or spring season


The seedbeds often need to be shaded from the following:

  • Protection against excessive sun

  • Protection against frost.

  • Protection against rain and hail.

The shades are made of thatch, mats, split bamboo, polythene or tin sheets. For shades it is preferable to use material that can be rolled and removed easily.


Periodicity of watering should be decided by considering the moisture content in the soil, as soil should be adequately moist to provide water to the saplings. It may be noted that over-watering is as harmful as under-watering. Growth of moss on the nursery bed is an indication of over-watering and is usually followed by yellowing of leaves and ultimately death of seedlings. In the places where damping off is feared, addition of little acetic acid, formaldehyde or 4% copper sulphate in irrigation water prevents damping off.

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