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Preparation, Pre-germination and Sowing

Preparation of beds.

  • Size of beds – As a rule, the width of the bed should be such that it can be weeded by labour sitting on both sides of it without resting a hand or foot in it. Width is generally 1.2 m. Length varies from 1.8 m to 12.2 m.
  • Soil preparation – Beds are dug to a depth of 0.3 m to 0.45 m so that stones, roots, etc. lying underneath are dug out. If the soil has a lot of gravel it should be sieved through a wire netting and gravel removed. A good amount of farmyard manure should be mixed in the soil before beds are made. In case of white ants, Aldrex 5% dust should be mixed in the soil at the rate of 75 Kg per hectare.


It is better to pre-germinate seeds of plants, with slow or irregular germination, in trays and then sow them in nursery beds to ensure proper germination.

Sowing seeds in beds

Seeds should be sown in drills running across the width of the beds. Though broadcast sowing is sometimes done for smaller seeds, it is preferable to sow them also in rows to avoid difficulty in weeding. The seed should be sown so deep that the depth of the soil above it is not more than the minimum diameter of the seed.

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