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  Potting Mixture, Maintenance and fertility and Nursery register:


Potting Mixture

Potting Mixture

In all these containers soil made of one part of clean sand, one part nursery soil and one part well-rotted farmyard manure is filled. After filling them with soil, then either seed is sown or seedlings transplanted in them.

Maintenance and fertility

By raising plants year after year the fertility of the soil gradually decreases, which then affects the quality of the plant. The following are few methods adopted to restore soil fertility:

  • Leaving the land fallow

  • Mixing well-rotten leaf mould

  • Mixing farmyard manure

  • Mixing compost that contains about 3.2% nitrogen and 6% phosphoric acid.

  • Greening manure by raising leguminious crops.

  • Adding chemical fertilizers

Nursery register

Preferably each nursery should have a nursery register giving full information about the nursery. This should give details of the name of nursery, location, area, method of irrigation, fencing. This should be supported by an entire layout of the nursery, beds, quantity/quality of seeds sown in bed, date of sowing, germination, manuring, etc. It should also give details of all expenditure so that cost per plant could be calculated. It should also give details of plants supplied from the nursery in the planting season and the balance in stock.


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