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  Visalakshi Rajamani:

This is the story of Visalakshi, for whom the pursuit of a small business meant much more than earning a few hundred rupees.:


As a little girl, she got everything she wanted as she was from a well to do family. After being forced to marry by her parents, she was discouraged from continuing her studies. She however had different plans in store for herself and adamantly completed her graduation after marriage through a postal (distance learning) course (refer our education section for distance learning courses). Despite her education, it dawned upon her that she was dependent on her family monetarily.

Consequently, she decided to take the help of her friend engaged in the business of providing utensils on hire to marriage parties and for other social gatherings. She suddenly struck upon the idea of supplying fresh home-made masalas of all kinds to customers. Consequently, she managed to get a bank loan, which is not an easy task to achieve for a woman. Initially she did face opposition from her family, friends and even her husband, but she did not give up. Her business picked up slowly, but surely. She slowly built a place for herself in the town and earned the respect of the people, which she truly deserved.

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