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  Registration / Statutory Licenses And Clearances:

Provisional (temporary) Registration :


Provisional (temporary) Registration

Permanent Registration

Statutory Licenses / Clearances 

Provisional registration entitles you to:

  • Apply for a shed or a plot in an industrial estate or a developed area
  • Apply for corporation/ Municipality and/or other licenses
  • Apply for power/water connection
  • Apply for financial assistance from banks and other institutions
  • Obtain sales tax, excise registration, etc. wherever required
  • Apply to the National Small Industries Corporation/ State Small Scale Industries corporation/ other institutions for procuring machinery on hire-purchase basis
  • Take other steps/ approvals that may be necessary to establish the industrial units, including obtaining import license for capital goods/ raw materials.

Provisional (temporary) Registration

  • You will be issued a provisional (temporary) SSI registration certificate
  • It is usually provided for a period of one year and can be subsequently renewed for four more periods of six months each
  • If the entrepreneur is not in a position to commence production on account of circumstances beyond his control, extension of the provisional registration period would be considered.


Apply on the prescribed application form to the General Manager, District Industries Centre (DIC) functioning at the respective district headquarters

Permanent Registration

The entrepreneur can apply for permanent registration after:

  • The factory building is ready
  • All requisite machinery, testing equipment and pollution control equipment are installed
  • Power connection is established

In order to bring uniformity in registration certificates, the office of the Development Commissioner (Small Scale Industries), New Delhi has prescribed a common registration form to be used by all States/ UT Governments throughout India.

Contact: Apply on the prescribed application form to the General Manager, District Industries Centre (DIC) functioning in the headquarters of the respective districts

Statutory Licenses / Clearances

Some of the procedures or licenses applicable for the effective functioning of the small scale enterprises are listed below. Depending on the product-line chosen, the size of the unit/number of workers and so on, an entrepreneur should seek approval for specific regulations applicable in his case


S. No.

Type of Product, Activity or Service

Licensing Authority


Manufacture of drugs and cosmetics

State Drug Controller / Drug Control Administration


Manufacture of fruit and vegetable-based products

Deputy Director, Food and Vegetable Preservation, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, located in the State


Industries using water and involving effluent disposal / gaseous waste, etc.

To get clearance from :

1.       The District Health Officer of the particular district

2.       Director of Public Health of the State Govt.


Units employing 10 workers or more with power, or 20 workers or more without power.

To be obtained from Chief Inspector of Factories


Power connection

Officer designated by the State Electricity Board concerned.


SSI approval of electronic items governed under the decentralised category

State level Technical Committee under State Directorate of Industries


SSI approvals/ PMP (Phased Manufacturing Programme) approval of electronic items other than decentralised items

Development Commissioner, Small Scale Industries, Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi-11 through State Directorate of Industries


For units functioning in places other than Industrial Estates / approved developed plots

Licence from, Commissioner Corporation or Municipality or Panchayat Union


Pollution Control

State Pollution Control Board


Registration under the State Sales Tax Act

Local Joint Commercial Tax Officer


Registration under Central Excise Act

Superintendent of Central Excise of the Area or Collector of Central Excise

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