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  Herbal Products:

Herbal products are made from plants and parts of plants through extraction and refining. :


They are used in medicines, cosmetics, perfumery and essential oils. The production of herbal products can be extremely lucrative.

For example, the cost of growing roses is Rs.14,000 per hectare in the first year, Rs.18,600 in the second year and Rs. 27,000 in the third year. Oil yield per hectare is 600gms (about half a kilo)in the second year and I kilo in the third year which is sold at Rs. 90,000 per kilo. The average return is around Rs. 54,000 per annum.

Is there a market for it ?

In the last decade, the demand for various types of herbal products has increased rapidly. These products also have an immense export potential .

How much will it cost to set up the unit ?

You require a working capital of about Rs.10,000 and a fixed capital of about Rs. 25,000 for special cottage units.

Can someone help ?

For information on training

Technical support, loans, raw materials, and marketing, contact:SIRI (Small Industries Research Institute)4 / 43 , Roop NagarDelhi -110007

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