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1. Ginger Oil.
  Ginger is a spice commonly used in cooking.

2. Corn Oil
  Corn is a seasonal crop, which is easily available in rural areas that is often grown as a subsistence crop.

3. Agarbatti.
  An agarbatti is a long, slim stick of incense. It is used in religious ceremonies and places of worship

4. Pickles.
  In India pickles are an integral part of the cuisine and will continue to enjoy high levels of demand as long as people love good food.

5. Laundry Soap.
  Laundry soap is an item of daily necessity and essentially a mass consumption item

6. Gur and Khandsari
  Promotional Prospects

7. Herbal Products.
  Herbal products are made from plants and parts of plants through extraction and refining.

8. Vermicomposting.
  Vermicomposting is the process by which the earthworm is used to convert organic waste into vermicompost, an excellent organic manure.

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