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You and Your Employer
Womans Right To Property
 You and The Police
First Imformation Report
Land Equisition
Working Hours
Legal Marriage
After Talaq Right On Child
After Talaq Maintenance
Second Marriage
Child Labour
  Minimum Wage:

If You… Are a temporary worker, breaking stones or constructing roads Work on a piece rate basis, such as rolling beedis or making handloom/handicraft items, like mats, bedcovers or cushion covers; Work for daily wages, like people working in mines, in a factory or in agriculture, or even on construction sites.


Then … You are entitled to a minimum wage that has been fixed by the local government. It is the same for men and women performing the same type of work. It is illegal for your employer to pay you less than the prescribed minimum wage. The minimum wage depends on your age group, and also depends on the kind of work performed. It may be paid by the hour, the day or the month. If you have worked for over 225 days in a single calendar year for one employer, then the Minimum Wage Act does not apply to you. You are then a permanent employee, entitled to all the benefits that permanent employees receive.

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