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  A Muslim Woman's Right to Property:

A few general rules of inheritance are:


§ The share of the male is double that of the female

§ A Muslim cannot bequeath more than one-third of his or her total property. However, if a woman has no blood relations and her husband the only heir, then she can will two-thirds of her property in his favour.

§ If all heirs claiming the property are equally near in terms of the relation to the deceased, they all have an equal share in the property. A closer heir excludes the more distant one.

§ A woman is entitled to inherit property as a daughter, widow, grandmother, mother, or sons daughter.

§ A widow is entitled to one-eighth share of her husbands property when there are children and one-fourth share when there are none. § A daughter gets half of whatever share her brother gets. In case she has no brother, she is entitled to a share of half the property.

§ A mother will get one-third share of her sons property when there are no children and one-sixth when there are children.

§ The maternal grandmother will get one-sixth the share of the total property only if there is no mother or grandfather. The paternal grandmother gets a share only if there is no father or grandfather.

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