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  Compensation for Your Acquired Land:

In order to receive compensation you should be the land holder, owner or tenant. Landless labourers, artisans and forest cultivators are not entitled to receive compensation on the grounds of loss of earnings.


Compensation will be awarded for your land as per the market value prevailing on the date of publication of the notice. Market value is the sum that you might reasonably expect to get if your land is sold in the open market, according to the prevailing rates. This implies that neither the buyer nor the seller is under pressure to buy or sell. In the case of agricultural land, it is relevant whether it is well maintained, cultivated, fertile or neglected. For example, the government decides to acquire your land for building a grain market. You are using your land primarily for agricultural purposes, but your land is also an excellent location for the proposed building as it is near the railway station and several government offices. Since the land can be of excellent commercial value, the land therefore should be valued accordingly. This does not include the value of the land after it has been acquired for commercial purpose. That means if a cinema hall could have been built on your land which is being acquired by the government, you cannot include the profits that the cinema hall would have made had it been built there.

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