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   Classification of Herbicides:


Chemicals, used for killing or inhibiting the growth of higher plants, are called herbicides. Herbicides can be classified depending on their mode of action, relative time of application and chemical composition.

Classification of Herbicides

  • According to mode of action of herbicides

Contact - When the chemicals kill the plants by coming in contact with them they are called contact herbicides.

Translocated -The systemic or translocated herbicides are chemicals that kill the plants after their absorption by accelerating or retarding the metabolic activities of plants.

  • According to their relative time of application to weed emergence

Pre-plant herbicides -Are applied on the field before planting the crop.

Pre-plant emergence herbicides - Are applied before emergence of weeds.

Past-emergence herbicides - Are applied after the emergence of weeds.

  • Chemical classification of herbicides

It refers to grouping of various herbicides according to their chemical composition.


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