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  Methods of Fertiliser Application in liquid form:


Liquid form of fertilisers are applied by the following methods:

Starter solution:

Starter solution is prepared by mixing N, P, and K fertilisers in the ratio of 1 :2 :1 or 1 :1:2. This is applied to vegetable seedlings at the time of transplating and it helps rapid establishment and quick growth of seedlings.

Foliar application:

This is a method of spraying the leaves, of growing plants, with suitable fertiliser solution of a low concentration

Direct application to the soil:

Liquid fertilisers such as anhydrous ammonia and nitrogen solution are directly applied to the soil with special injection equipment. Liquid manures such as urine, sewage water and cowshed washing are let into the field.

Application through irrigation water:

Fertilisers, both straight and mixed fertilisers, are easily soluble in water. They are allowed to dissolve in the irrigation water and applied to the soil through irrigation. Nitrogenous fertilisers are, generally, applied through irrigation water.


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