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  Time of Manuring/Fertilisation:


Manures and Fertilisers


  1. Manures:

    Manures are generally applied to the soil before sowing or transplanting of crops. The soil is manured during ploughing followed by planking. Manures such as compost, farmyard and green manure should be added to the soil 4-6 weeks before sowing or transplanting crops. Soil cakes may be used as basal or topdressing at the time of sowing or transplanting crops.

  2. Fertilisers:

    Fertilisers are generally applied to crops at different stages of growth to increase their efficiency.

    These stages are:

  • Before sowing of crops: Some phosphate fertilisers such as rock phosphate, basic slag, etc.applied.

  • At the time of sowing crops:Application of fertiliser at sowing time or just before is called Basal dressing. All quantity of phosphatic and potassic fertiliser and half of nitrogenous fertiliser is recommended at the time of sowing crops. The remaining half of nitrogenous fertiliser is applied during the growth phase.

  • Aftersowing of crops:The method of application of fertiliser in the standing crops is called Top dressing. The nitrogenous and potassic fertilisers are generally applied to crops by this method. Split application of fertiliser reduces the loss of fertiliser elements and the plants can absorb a major portion of the applied fertiliser.



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