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TARAgyan, the education division of TARAhaat, develops educational courses for people in rural and peri-urban areas. The courses are delivered through ICT Centres in UP, MP, Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhatisgarh, Haryana and Punjab.

   Education in TARAhaat is seen as a pre-requisite to creating sustainable livelihoods by providing:

Job Skills Life Skills Basic Skills
Avenues to money, enhancement of skills on the job Enrichment of life, health and productive use of time
Introduction to computers,   internet, e-mailing with special focus on practical usage
    These courses have been designed with the help of internationally acclaimed educationalists, are computer-aided and are available in the local language. TARAgyan courses provide you with world-class education right in your village/town, at an affordable price and in a way that you can understand in your language and in English. TARAgyan uses ICT to shift from one-way to two-way communication, from cramming to assimilation, towards meaningful infotainment in the learners’ first language. Learning at TARAgyan is accomplished through:
  • Trained instructors
  • Group interaction
  • Self-study
  • Practice time
  • Mentoring (experts from Delhi)
  • Supported with course books, CD-ROMs and the Internet
TARAgyan is designed such that a specialist and reference material will always be available at the other end of an e-mail or a phone line. Thus, TARAgyan is an evolutionary and responsive process. Counseling and feedback are central activities for its success.

Who will benefit from TARAgyan courses?
  1. Boys and girls in school or in colleges
  2. Young men and women who wish to further their personal and professional development
  3. People who wish to enhance their personal income and customer outreach
  4. For all those, young and old, who are open-minded and want to be part of new and exciting changes that are affecting India today and will in the future
   TARAgyan courses are developed by renowned and experienced experts. A TARAgyan certificate means proof of achievement that is valued by employers and academicians alike. All courses are certified by Development Alternatives, a research and development institution recognised by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.
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