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Groundnut is famous as an unpredictable legume.



Groundnut is famous as an unpredictable legume, because a satisfactory over ground vegetative growth may not necessarily match with the pod formation below the soil surface. It is a number one oil seed crop of India both in terms of area and production.

Climatic requirements:

Groundnut requires a long and warm growing season. It grows best when the mean temperature is around 21-26.5 C.

Lower temperatures are not suitable for proper development. For successful growth rainfall range of 500 mn to 1250 mn is required.Groundnut cannot stand frost, severe drought and water stagnation.

Mixed cropping:

It is often grown as a kharif crop. In certain places, groundnut is grown in rotation with wheat, jowar, bajra, gram, castor, paddy, cotton or with garden crops like potatoes, onions, chillies, garlic, ginger and turmeric. As groundnut is a leguminous crop, the cereal crop following it usually gives more yield by about 25%.

Improved varieties (adaptable in UP):

T-28 - Semi spreading, yields 1,900 pods per Kg/ha, oil content is 47.5%
T-64 - Semi spreading, yields 2,100 pods per Kg/ha, oil content is 49.0%
Chandra - Spreading, yields 2,500 pods per Kg/ha, oil content is 47.7%



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