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It is a large, evergreen, fast-growing shrub or a small tree.


How does it look:

It is a large, evergreen, fast-growing shrub or a small tree. Bark is brownish in colour. Flowers are small, whitish or pale yellow. They bloom during April-August but generally flower almost throughout the year. Fruits are dark brown, flat and thin.

How to grow:

Either sow seeds directly or transplant the container-raised seedlings in beds. For directly sowing on contour furrows or in drills or patches at 1.5 cm depth, 10-20 kg/ha, for broadcast 20-25 kg/ha and for line-sowing 5-7kg/ha of seeds are needed. Closer spacing is adopted for soil conservation and fodder. Addition of farmyard manure and super-phosphate is beneficial. About 100,000 plants/ha. are common.

Inter-cropping has been recommended. Growing with other crops is reported to increase the yield of crops.



  • A multipurpose, ideal tree for growing on wastelands. Basically planted for checking soil-erosion and reclamation. It can be grown on various wastelands and barren lands - desert soils, deruded and eroded soils, gullies and ravines, grassy blanks, canal banks, roads and railway sites. Recommended for agro and social forestry practices. Suitable for conservation of water. Regularly sheds its leaves providing mulch and green manure, enriching the topsoil. Highly suitable for green-manuring and composting. It fixes nitrogen.

  • Treated wood may be useful for furniture, poles, posts, rafters and props. May be useful for pulp and boards.

  • It yeilds good firewood /3895-4675 (kg/kg) and makes very good charcoal (7000-7250K cal/kg)

  • Yield of fresh fodder is high. Its fodder is considered to be toxic.

  • Bark yields a gum which is a substitute for gaur gum and is also useful in paper and food industry.

  • Seeds are dried and eaten. Its powder is used as manure. Powered seed reduces cholesterol and sugar. Seed formula base material is also used for preparing cocoa like drinks.

Where to sell:

  • Wood can be sold to furniture shops and for firewood.

  • Bark can be sold to paper mills.



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