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A fast growing tree, up to 59 m/6 m or more in height.


How does it look:

A fast growing tree, up to 59 m/6 m or more, Stem - clear bole 24-30 m, with hard prickles at base, having horizontal branches in more or less whorls. Bark is thick, pale ash to silver-gray in colour, smooth becoming rough gradually, with irregular cracks.

Silvicultural Characters:

Demands light for growth. Fairly drought-resistant and generally frost-hardy. Requires little weeding; thinning increases the girth. Produces root suckers. Coppices well in the early years. Thick bark protects from and resists fire and plant recovers from injury. Needs protection from animals. Several pests have been recorded to cause damage to leaves and wood.


  • Suitable for afforestation of new grounds, grasslands; also useful in controlling soil-erosion; highly suitable for agro and social forestry.

  • Its wood is useful for plywood, tea boxes, match-industry, packing-cases; canoes, shingles, toys, pencils, musical instruments, pen holders; frames, coffins, brush-handles, well curbs, wood wool and pulp.

  • Yeilds high fodder (crude protein, 18.69%); tasar-silkworms can be fed. Seed (crude protein, 36.5%) and cake are excellent cattle-feed.

  • Its root is eaten raw or roasted as sweet potato (Protein, 1.2%).

  • Leaves are edible; yields tannins. Flower buds are also eaten.

  • Fruits possess medicinal value. Seeds are also medicinal. They possess antibacterial property. Yields an oil (22.3%); used as a substitute for that of cotton-seed. Floss :Known as Indian Kapok, light, buoyant, soft, strong, elastic, resilient, water repellent, suitable for stuffing life belts, mattresses, instruments, plushes, laces, etc.

Where to sell:

  • Wood can be sold to wholesale shops for wood/timber merchants

  • Fruits can be sold to pharmaceutical industries for medicinal preparations.

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