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A moderate to large (up to 30 m/1.2-4.5 m) deciduous tree.


How does it look:

A moderate to large (up to 30 m/1.2-4.5 m) deciduous tree.

Silvicultural Characters:

Demands light, though tolerates shade. Intolerant of excessive drought, but moderately frost-hardy; has good power of recovery when injured by frost. Coppices very well with vigorous growth. Saplings and young plants need protection from deer and cattle.

How to grow:

Seeds are sown in lines at 3.0-3.6 m x 30 cm and thinned if necessary in the third year; dibbling or broadcasting also gives satisfactory results. For transplanting, fresh stones should be sown in nursery beds, regularly watered and weeded. Seedlings of 10-15 cm are transplanted in the first rains at 1.8 m. If transplanted in the second rains, they should be pricked out during the first rains, and before transplanting roots and stems should be pruned. Weeding and hoeing are essential in the first year.

  • For soil reclamation Recommended for skeletal soils in medium rainfall areas; also recommended for field-boundaries, grassy blanks and for agro-and social forestry; clear grounds, particularly broken ones are favourable beds. Inter-cropping with food-crops reported to increase nitrogen and phosphorus in soil.

  • Its wood is used for furniture, musical instruments, slate frames, venetian-blinds, frames, artificial limbs, parts of loams and carts, bobbins, bridges, ship-building, plywood, match-industry; and paper-making.

  • Leaves are considered good for cattle (crude protein, 11.9%); also used as a feed for seri-silkworm.

  • Others :Bark & Root :Stomachic, glactagogue. Leaf :Applied to relieve headache; juice used as wash for ulcers. Flower :Given in blood-diseases. Fruit :Sweetish, bitter, colling, given in bilious affections.

Where to sell:

  • Wood can be sold to timber merchants, paper mills.

  • Leaves, flowers and fruits an be sold to pharmaceutical companies.

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