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  Advantages of the practise: 
Advantages of the practise: 
  • Trees protect crops from excessive sunlight.

  • Trees conserve productive top soil and moisture for crops.
  •  Nitrogen fixing trees provide nitrogen to agricultural crops (therefore there will be less requirement of nitrogenous fertilizers like urea) and a symbiotic relationship is maintained between them.
  • Trees add humus to soil as their leaves fall and gradually decompose, thus adding nutrition to the top soil.
  • Trees protect agricultural crops from excessive rain, storm and wind.
  • Trees provide and stabilise optimal diurnal temperature in the field as they trap heat from the sunlight.
  • Trees prevent crops from frost bite.
  • Trees, besides providing fruits to the farmer also provide fuel, wood and fodder.
  • Agricultural crops protect trees from weeds or minimise their competition with weeds.
  • Leguminous crops provide green manure to non-nitrogenous fixing trees.
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